UK Funky

UK funky is a genre of electronic dance music that has its roots in English garage.

Birth: 2002 Bloom: 2006

The style is heavily influenced by deep house, Afrobeat, soca, electro house, broken beat, and UK garage. Typically, UK funky blends beats, bass loops and synths with African and Latin percussion in the dem bow rhythm and contemporary R&B-style vocals. There are similarities to garage in rhythmic, musical and vocal styles. UK funky is highly influenced by the tribal, deep, soulful and bassline house subgenres. Similar genres include Afrobeat, broken beat, electro and garage.

The most notable represtatives of this style include Crazy Cousins, Donaeo, Geneus and Naughty, who ispired many young musiciands and even famous artists of the garage culture like MJ Cole, Agent X, Mr V. A famous London DJ Mikey Dee said: «What is UK Funky? UK Funky, as you can suggest, it is MOBO – Music of British Origin. It emerged in London in a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Imagine reggaeton`s beats, afrobeat, and deep trible house; melodies from R&B, grime, UK hip-hop, and dancehall reggae; ad bass of garage or dubstep bass and you`ll get UK Funky!».

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Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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UK Funky tracks and remixes

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UK Funky, Acid Breaks

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