Grime is a music genre emerged at the junction of garage and hip-hop in the early 2000s in the East part of London. As music genre, it`s typified by a tempo about 130 BPM, minimalistic breakbeat, console futuristic electronic sounds with muffled bass.

Birth: 2001 Bloom: 2003

Grime is characterized by complex 2-step, 4x4 breakbeats, or sometimes structured around a halftime rhythm, and constructed from different synth, string and electronic sounds. Stylistically, grime draws on many genres including UK garage, dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop and dancehall. The lyrics and music combine futuristic electronic elements and dark, guttural basslines. In the very beginning grime was known as sublow, 8-bar, and eskibit.

Initially, the term «grime» was used to a new wave of garage that was low-quality music created by unknown producers with factory presets on computer programs like FruityLoops and Reason or on chip grooveboxes. But by 2002 the grime style had formed in special musical aesthetics. Today, grime compositions are broadcasted on music TV channels and climb leading positions in charts. In 2003 the most notable representative of grime – Dizzee Rascal got a prestige British music award Mercury Prize fot his debut album «Boy in da Corner».

Grime`s popularization depends on mixsteps and pirate radio, althought grime music is widely broadcasted on some legal radio stations (Kiss 100, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1). Especially grime is demaned on Channel U.

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Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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