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Garage house is a subgenre of electronic dance music emerged in New York City and New Jersey during the early to mid 1980s and popularized in discothèques like Paradise Garage and Zanzibar.

Birth: 1986 Bloom: 1989

When Chicago DJs has been experimenting with drum machines, New York DJs in the Paradise Garage club headed by Larry Levan gave a birth to another new style as popular as house on dance floors — garage (named after that club). Musicians from New Jersey promoted the style doing their best in the mid-80s. 

The most notable representatives of this style are Rosie Gaines, Ce Ce Peniston, and the dive of British garage scene — Ultra Nate. During last 20 years garage changed into the wide umbrella style. Garage is being developed mostly in Great Britain, especially in London, where it is the face of British electronic underground. Besides, some years ago Canadian band Azari & III gained their global success with the music influenced by classic American garage. Their best hit «Reckless with your Love» sounds like it was recorded 25 years ago.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Garage mixes

231 62:20 2 79 PR 4,8 ▲
Garage, House
254 60:38 1 108 PR 4,2 ▲
Garage, House
210 62:02   36 PR 3,4 ▲ Garage, Deep House
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Garage tracks and remixes

240 2:21 14 103 PR 9 ▲
490 5:04 2 193 PR 6,9 ▲
Garage, Fidget House
207 2:42 1 141 PR 6,5 ▲
Garage, House

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