Darkstep is a subgenre of drum and bass. It`s characterized by intensive kick with ambient traits and deep bass sound.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2003

Besides, darkstep artists don`t accept rules about degree of darkness in their music, so sometimes darkstep is saturated with elements, which make atmosphere as dark as possible.

The most influential drum and bass musicians claim that division into styles in D`n`B isn`t always possible and reasonable because the line between subgenres is quit thin and often it`s very difficult to attribute a track to one particular subgenre. But, for example, it`s easy to distinguish darkstep from classical dubstep due to «scary» elements: otherworldly voices, whispers and strings from horror or mystical movies.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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Darkstep mixes

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Darkstep, Techno
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Darkstep tracks and remixes

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Darkstep, Breakcore
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Darkstep, Drum & Bass
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Darkstep, Hardcore rap

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