Drumfunk is a subgenre of drum and bass that was popular in 2000. The project Paradox is considered to be a pioneer of the style. The main elements of drum funk include complex breakbeat sound samples like live drums.

Birth: 1999 Bloom: 2000

In spite of close relations with drum and bass, drumfunk has more complicated drum patterns. Drumfunk usually has an emphasis on drums without paying attention to melodies or musical structure. Besides, old drum samples are often used in drumfunk tracks.

The most famous representatives of this genre are Seba, Paradox, and Omni Trio.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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Drumfunk tracks and remixes

298 8:33 24 36 PR 11,5 ▲
Drumfunk, Breakcore
761 4:18 1 142 PR 9,4 ▲
Drumfunk, G-Funk
114 2:31   95 PR 3,4 ▲
Drumfunk, Electro

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