Dubwise is a branch of drum and bass that became popular in the early 2000s.

Birth: 1998 Bloom: 2000

Dubwise evolved gradually, there wasn`t any musical bang and a new direction didn`t come from one track. So, dubwise has been staying in the drum and bass` shadow for a long time and mostly people hasn`t known about it before the mid-00s.

The original Jamaican dubwise consists of drums, deep bass, fragments of sirens, and voices. Dub is minimalistic and saturated only with minimum means of expression — drums, bass, vocals, and sound effects.

The natural minimalism of dubwise attracts drumfunk musicians. Actually, these styles have lots in common: they both pay attention not only to rhythmic structure but also humming component of tracks, they both use the echo effect in the same dose. That`s why there was a big confusion about the difference between dubwise and drumfunk, moreover, in the early 00s they sounded really similar. But at that time people didn`t consider dubwise as a subgenre of drum and bass at all, there were suggestions as «the influence of reggae music on drum and bass» or «the usage of dub bass». Later the word «dubwise» in Jamaican and after Jamaican times was pronounced mostly irrelevantly and became a buzzword – the familiar term that became a vulgar word parasite.

There was a version that the word «dubwise» was often used in imperative mood, when it was needed to transform a reggae track into a dub version. In drum and bass the situation was the same and now dubwise is just a modification of old records with modern drums.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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