Drill`n`bass is a quite popular style of electronic music that roots in the mid `90s drum and bass. It`s characterized by complicated drum structure and samples from famous «amen» breakbeat. Drill`n`bass is detached from dance drum and bass for its accurate elaboration of every detail.

Birth: 1995 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2000

The sound was created by Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, and Aphex Twin. Aphex Twin`s LP released in 1995 became the basis for drill`n`bass.

In 1998 and 1999 Aphex Twin released singles «Come to Daddy» and «Windowlicker», they were both in drill`n`bass and became commercially successful. In 1999 the popularity of the term «drill`n`bass» began to decrease and new successful musicians – Venetian Snares, Line 47 or Doormouse preferring to work with difficult drum and bass tracks created a new term for a designation of their music – breakcore.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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Drill'n'bass mixes

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Drill'n'bass, Darkstep
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Drill'n'bass tracks and remixes

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Drill'n'bass, Russian Pop
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Drill'n'bass, Neurofunk
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Drill'n'bass, Trap

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