Jump Up

Jump up is a subgenre of drum and bass music popular with fans of breakbeat in the late 90s. It`s typified by deep synth bass and energetic drum loops.

Birth: 1998 Bloom: 2004 Death: 2006

As a rule, the jump up sound is more funk and positive than other drum and bass styles. Besides, often jump up compositions are saturated with hip hop samples.

Classic examples of jump up are DJ Zinc`s «Super Sharp Shooter» and DJ Zinc`s remix on Fugees «Ready Or Not».

The style was created for nightclubs and dance floors in order to make people jump up and dance. In 2003-2004 jump up became popular again and maybe this time for long. By the way, Jump Up is also the name of the record label that had been releasing drum and bass records during 1997-1998.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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Jump Up mixes

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Jump Up, Drum & Bass
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Jump Up tracks and remixes

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Jump Up, Eurodance
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Jump Up, New Age
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Jump Up, Big Beat

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