Hardstep is a style of drum and bass music emerged in 1994 and typified by fast beats, breakbeats, and deep bass.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1996

In 1994 hardstep was considered to be music played by Grooverider. There is a legend that the name «hardstep» was prompted by his friend when he tried to dance to Grooverider`s tracks. The name became popular due to the Kickin` Records record label and in the same year (1994) the compilation «Grooverider presents hardstep selection. Volume 1» was released.

Hardstep was the next stage of reggae development in jungle, but the leading role belonged to musical arrangement instead of recitative. Vocal samples are used to complete chaotic music making it unusual. Despite the fact that on the first compilation was written about a fusion of «drum and bass with ragga styles of jungle» hardstep can be described as post-ragga jungle. Jamaican themes still appear in hardstep music even after a concrete wall divided ragga jungle from hardstep.

It`s quite possible that hardstep was an intermediate phase between jungle and drum and bass. Maybe, it is that very new sound which was distinguished by jungle musicians of the new phenomenon. Maybe it was hardstep`s destiny to destroy a rhythm in order to create a basis for drum and bass.

Hardstep doesn`t consist of superheavy and aggressive sound in spite of the name. Its peculiarity is in bass drum (kick) which is sampled so many times that it`s impossible to dance to such a rhythm. That explains why it was so difficult for Grooverider to achieve the synchronicity of music with body. In general, a tangled rhythm is the main feature of hardstep.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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Hardstep tracks and remixes

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Hardstep, Electro-punk
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Hardstep, Dub
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Hardstep, Dub

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