Raggacore is an experimental genre of electronic music in the form of fast modern ragga jungle with reggae bass and specific reggae recitative. Unfortunately, it`s impossible to characterize this genre more precisely.

Birth: 1990 Bloom: 1994 Death: 1997

Raggacore in comparison with ragga jungle is much harder and faster. Raggacore music is full of experiments, so it isn`t just a simple combination of ragga with breakbeat. Besides, raggacore is typified by distortion and complex drums.

Comparing reggacore with breakcore, it`s important to emphasize one fundamental difference between them. Raggacore puts a dancing style before experiments and sound authentic. Samples of industrial sounds and noises can be intriguing, pumping or sexual but they became boring after several poorly made compositions. A beat has always been and will be more important dance component than noise. That`s why experiments in this style are usually made cautiously in order not to destroy a dancing style. Thus, reggacore is more popular with the working class and working intellectuals than «normal» breakcore.

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Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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