The name of the style consists of two words — samba and drum`n`bass, also there are some alternative versions: drum & samba, drum `n` bossa, samba & bass, etc. Maybe the awkward term samba & bass was reduced to the final version. 

Birth: 2001 Bloom: 2004 Death: 2007

Sambass is often called Brazilian drum`n`bass, sometimes latino due to its regional oriental. Nobody knows who was the first to write or pronounce the term, but first it was mentioned in the Fernanda Porto`s composition «Sambassism» created in collaboration with DJ Patife.

When they first met each other Patife got excited about «Sambassim». He offered Porto to make a remix on the track and then he included it as a bonus in his new compilation «Cool steps – Drum`n`Bass grooves».

Meanwhile, Bryan G, the head of the big drum and bass label in UK, went to the motherland of sambass — Sao Paulo. At one party he met DJ Marky, who was playing sambass. Bryan G was so stunned by his music that offered DJ Marky to record and release his tracks with V Recordings in UK. After some time the compilation «The Brasil EP» was released with the main track inside — «Sambassim». The mini-compilation became a bestseller and very popular in clubs. DJ have been setting the track on repeat even if they didn`t like mellow melodies of Latin American music.

In 2001 DJ Marky with his fellows released the next compilation («The Brazilian job») with the help of another record label. The compilation combined popular tracks of British clubs with some additional compositions for attracting people to sambass music. The first track «LK (Caroline Carol Bela)» became a hymn of Brazilian drum`n`bass.

In the track «Sambassism» was a line about how samba begins to blaze in combination with a fast rhythm. So that kind of samba is sambassim. In 2003 the subsidiary record label Cuadra of Italian record company Irma released the first thematic compilation «Sambass», which make sambass artists popular in no time. During 2003 - 2007 four new compilations have been released, they were dedicated to mixing drum`n`bass with samba and bossa nova.

Umbrellate style: Drum & Bass

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