Electronic Body Music

EBM is a music genre of electronic music, so to speak, a branch of industrial. It is characterized by distinct rhythmic marches with inhuman mesmerizing vocals, and elements of electronic ambient. The style is close to synthpop, but much harder.

Birth: 1985 Bloom: 1992 Death: 2001

EBM is the most popular style of post-industrial music today. The term was coined in 1985 by the Belgian band Front 242 in order to characterize their music.

Aside from classic EBM during the 90s there was formed a number of its sub-genres, where musicians changed initial sound and vocals. The most famous one are techno-industrial and dark electro. Techno industrial is typified by EBM synths, which harder than synthpop`s, a vocal is quite clear without procession. Dark electro is rather different with distortion, and hard dark rhythms.

The most notable representatives and founders of the style at the junction of the 80s and 90s include industrial groups such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, and Leaether Strip.

Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Electronic Body Music mixes

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Electronic Body Music, Synth-Pop
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Electronic Body Music, Electro Techno
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Electronic Body Music, Industrial
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Electronic Body Music
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Electronic Body Music
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Electronic Body Music

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