Electro-punk (electro punk, electropunk, synthpunk) — is a music genre combining elements of electronic music and punk rock.

Birth: 1977 Bloom: 1992

Due to the predominant use of guitars in punk`s rock music roots, the use of synthesizers was controversial within the punk scene even though the punk music culture collectively embraced an anti-establishment political stance. It was very rare, particularly in America, for punk musicians to use synthesizers or keyboards at all to make punk music, let alone replacing the guitars with them. While the rejection of using guitars was an extension of the logic of punk music`s anti-establishment politics, electopunk bands went farther than many fans were willing to extend that principle, and synthesizer-based punk rock groups had small following as a whole. It is probably due to this issue that the identification of a synthesizer-based, sub-genre of punk rock took so many years to become identified as a collective genre.

Electro-punk was influenced by Suicide and The Legacy of Alan Vega in its earliest and purest form (the 1970-80s). In the 90s Suicide`s electronic primitiveness can be heard in genres like synthpop, techno, and industrial.

Besides, in the early 90s (alongside rave wave in Great Britain) digital hardcore was created in Germany. It was based on the fusion of punk (hardcore punk) with electronic music. Digital hardcore was formed by bands such as Atari Teenage Riot, EC80R, Alec Empire, and others.

Nowadays, electro-punk is energetic and positive music. It`s influenced by noise rock, electro, and punk. The most notable representatives include Kap Bambino, Sexy Sushi, Mass Kotki, Warren Suicide, Mediengruppe Telekommander, Mindless Self Indulgence, Bondage Fairies, and The Prodigy.

Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Electro-punk, Dubstep
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Electro-punk, Experimental

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