Hard IDM

The main characteristic feature of this style is the usage of overdriven and ragged drums.

Birth: 1987 Bloom: 1995

Rhythms are usually based on breaks and fills. One of features of this style is to rhythms before melodies. Sometimes a composition can have no melody at all, but when a melody takes place it usually sounds somewhere far from a rhythm as a background. 

Compositions of this style mostly consist of whistles, distorted scratches, loud gurgles and other different noises, which usually are synthesized, or live but processed. The most important thing is to make a composition whirring and whistling as much as possible.

Also read: Noise, IDM

Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Hard IDM tracks and remixes

161 3:08 1 91 PR 4,6 ▲
Hard IDM, Trap
110 3:16   118 PR 3,6 ▲
Hard IDM, Acid House
209 2:45   93 PR 2,3 ▲
Hard IDM, Brokenbeat


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