Noise music is a category consisting of multiple discrete genres of music that have employed noise as a musical resource. It includes a wide range of musical styles, and sound based creative practices, that feature noise as a primary aspect. It can feature acoustically or electronically generated noise, and both traditional and unconventional musical instruments.

Birth: 1974

American Boyd Rice (the project NON) is said to be the founder of this style because he was first who in the 70s began to produce pure unmusical sound as an essential component of his tracks. Classic noise doesn`t have any melody or rhythm; it expands beyond the scope of the term «music». However, pure or processed vocals and voice samples are often used in compositions. The Power Electronics and Japanese Noise styles are popular sub genres of noise. 

Noise is often divided into sub genres: harsh noise (Merzbow, Masonna), rhythm noise, free noise, and power electronics (created by the band Whitehouse in 1981).

Nowadays, European musicians of jazz, electronics or black metal got interested in noise music.

Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Noise tracks and remixes

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Noise, Разговорный
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Noise, Industrial
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