Futurepop is a quite new style of electronic music derived from EBM and industrial. It features a danceable sound with heavy synthpop influences such as song structure, vocal style, and trance with extremely cheerful synths.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 1999 Death: 2003

The term «futurepop» was coined by VNV Nation lead singer Ronan Harris and Stephan Groth from Apoptygma Berzek to describe their sound at the time, and that of similar groups. In recent years, futurepop has been developed in several directions due to Pride and Fall and Mind.in.a.box, who made the emphasis on trance, or XPQ-21 that prefers industrial or synthpop.

Besides, some musicians, who played harder music, use futurepop melodic hooks in their songs — for example, Suicide Commando and SITD. Futurepop music is especially popular with goths and fans of alternative electronics. It`s often played at gothic parties in a number of clubs in Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

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Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Futurepop tracks and remixes

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Futurepop, Synthwave
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Futurepop, Dance Pop

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