Power Noise

Power noise (also known as rhythmic noise, noize and occasionally as distorted beat music) is a music genre derived from early industrial Esplendor Geometrico.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 1999

The term «power noise» was coined by Raoul Roucka of Noisex in 1997 with the track «United (Power Noise Movement)». Typically, power noise is instrumental, based upon a distorted kick drum from a drum machine such as a Roland TR-909, uses militaristic 4/4 beats. Sometimes a melodic component is added, but this is usually secondary to the rhythm. Power noise tracks are typically structured and danceable, but are occasionally abstract.

This genre is showcased at the annual Maschinenfest festival in Krefeld, Germany, as well as Infest in Bradford, the UK. Some groups, such as Combichrist and Dulce Liquido, practice power noise along with aggrotech.

Power noise should not be confused with «power electronics», which is one of noise subgenres. Today, the term «power noise» is criticized as not completely correct for describing this style. Even Raoul Roucka suggest using the term «Distorted Beat Music».

Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Power Noise tracks and remixes

99 4:16   56 PR 1,4 ▲
Power Noise, Hard Trance
62 4:52   24 PR 0,6 ▲
Power Noise, Hard IDM
18 6:48   24 PR 0,6 ▲
Power Noise, Hard IDM

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