Industrial Techno

The term industrial techno refers to hybrid between power noise and hard-techno, but the style rarely falls in the middle, and could be described as either noisy techno or softer highly-rhythmic power noise.

Birth: 1989 Bloom: 1992 Death: 1995

Industrial techno can be described as cold synth music. Synths, like in EBM, sound much harder than in synthpop, a vocal is quite brutal and unprocessed. The style differs by being much more danceable than its neighbor genres. But its sound is usually lo-fi and used only for crazy underground raves.

The most notable artists of industrial techno include Cubanate, Eisenfunk, Deception Cost, Komor Kommando, Senser, and many others.

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Umbrellate style: Industrial

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Industrial Techno, Electro Progressive
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Industrial Techno, Industrial Techno
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Industrial Techno tracks and remixes

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Industrial Techno, Hard Techno
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Industrial Techno, Industrial
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Industrial Techno, Ambient

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