Acid Techno

Acid techno is a style of techno that developed out of late 1980s Chicago acid house. Acid house was essentially house music made with a specific sound, obtained by using very distinctive instruments created mainly by Roland, such as the TB-303 for bass and lead sounds, and the TR-909 and TR-808 for percussion.

Birth: 1993 Bloom: 1996 Death: 1999

In the late 90s the style spread over the UK and gained a success on the global musical scene due to the Swedish firm Propellerhead Software, which released a software synth ReBirth RB-338. ReBirth imitated the sound of the legendary TB-303 that had already been removed from production. Nevertheless, despite acid house`s popularity, the style is still underground; the word «acid techno» is often used as a synonym for rave parties.

Acid house is characterized by disrespectful and political lyrics. Many founders of this style came from punk rock. First firms that released acid techno records include Stay Up Forever, Smitten, and Routemaster.

Nowadays, acid house gradually declined a TB-303 sound and became a wide subgenre of techno music that`s still oriented to dancers. Acid techno music is released by labels like Hydralix, Cluster, 4x4 Records, RAW, and Powertools.

Umbrellate style: Techno

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Acid Techno mixes

94 60:30 2 99 PR 7 ▲ Acid Techno, Techno
121 71:34 2 82 PR 6,1 ▲
Acid Techno, Hard Techno
113 63:41   50 PR 5 ▲
Acid Techno, Techno
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Acid Techno tracks and remixes

183 52:00 70 41 PR 40,6 ▲
Acid Techno, Electro Progressive
287 4:56   59 PR 7,4 ▲
Acid Techno, Melodic Techno
79 6:07   107 PR 4,4 ▲
Acid Techno, Minimal Techno

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