Electro Techno

Electro techno is a style of techno music created by Juan Atkins and revived due to the second and third generation of Detroit techno musicians and their European followers.

Birth: 2004 Bloom: 2008

The style became popular in the mid-90s when releases by Drexciya, UR, Aux 88 got their popularity alongside a new wave of interest to electro. During electro hipe in the late 90s every techno musician recorded electro tracks.

«This music was before house and techno. This is the basement of contemporary EDM. Сan not do only boom boom boom all the time. Techno absorbed electro that absorbed funk, and it`s cool. Electro is a style that combines many musicians and teaches young fans of techno» - techno project The Advent.

Umbrellate style: Techno

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Electro Techno mixes

430 120:08 52 158 PR 51,6 ▲
Electro Techno, Dub Techno
592 120:54 47 174 PR 43,8 ▲
Electro Techno, Electro Progressive
642 121:40 53 221 PR 40,9 ▲
Electro Techno, Electro Progressive
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Electro Techno tracks and remixes

141 3:43 2 PR 8,9 ▲
Electro Techno, Techno
68 7:11 16 PR 7 ▲
Electro Techno, Industrial Techno
301 6:22 1 71 PR 4,6 ▲
Electro Techno, Techno

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