Bouncy Techno

Bouncy Techno is a style of electronic music emerged in 1993 and formed due to the influence influence of the rave scene. Typical compositions have a tempo of 160 to 180 BPM, and use a 4/4 signature. Tracks can be instrumental, or use a short repeated sample at certain points. Singing is uncommon. Drum kicks are slightly distorted, like gabber. Breakbeat patterns may also occur briefly in the background at certain points.

Birth: 1993 Bloom: 1995 Death: 1998

Mostly bouncy techno was popular in Scotland, North England, and North Ireland. Beyond the UK this music is often called Scottish hardcore.

Scott Brown`s track Bass X «Hardcore Disco» in 1993 was the first hardcore release in Scotland (and the UK). The runner-up Best Scottish Dance Record for 1993 set the trend in Scotland; followed-up by his Dance Overdose remix in a similar fashion. Other local acts replicated this popular winning formula. Other popular artists of this style: Ryan Campbell, Davie Forbes, Marc Smith, Gordon Tennant, and Vince Watson.

Among interesting record labels attention should be paid to Bass Generator Records, Breeze Records, Clubscene Records, Jolly Roger Records, K.O.R.E., Massive Respect Records, Notorious Vinyl, Q-Dup, Shoop!, Bouncy Techno Records, Evolution Records, Evolution Gold, Poosh, Screwdriver и Twisted Vinyl.

It`s believed that the term «bouncy» is descriptive – someone used it in order to describe a jumping crowd that was dancing to this type of techno.

During many years the bouncy techno style was very popular in England. This music was played alongside European techno and gabber raves in the 1990s. Even legendary DJ Carl Cox played bouncy techno records at the Mayday festival in 1994.

By the way, bouncy techno music spread over the world in the mid-90s due to hardcore and gabber DJs.

Nowadays, bouncy techno is still popular. In 2005, there was a number of old school parties in Scotland, which was attended by bouncy techno DJs such as Bass Generator, Bass X, DJ Obsession, DJ Technotrance, Hyperact, The Rhythmic State, and Ultra-Sonic.

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