Hard Techno

Hard techno is characterized by a high level of BPM (from 150), hard sound and powerful kick drum.

Birth: 2000 Bloom: 2007

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Hard Techno

Hardtechno refers to techo styles and evolved after 2000 from Schranz and hardcore techno. While the first harder techno productions appeared around 1991 on labels such as PCP and Industrial Strength, they were referred to as hardcore techno. Over the years, the hardcore scene cultivated a new sound far away from its techno origins, whereas Techno itself went in a softer direction.

By 2007, almost all major European techno festivals, such as I Love Techno, Awakenings, MayDay, Nature One, Mystery Land had featured many of hardtechno DJs or artists. The leading artists of this style include J Amok, Sven Wittekind, Dj Ocram, ViperXXL, Robert Natus, Arkus P, Boris S, Dogz On Crack, Felix Krocher. Виктор Строганов (Victor Stroganov ) is considered to be one of the most notable followers of this style in Moscow, also he is a frontman of Hardline 77.

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Umbrellate style: Techno

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Hard Techno mixes

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Hard Techno, Techno
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Hard Techno, Techno
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Hard Techno, Techno
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Hard Techno, Rave
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Hard Techno, Easy Listening

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