New Beat

New beat is an electronic dance music term that was used in the 1980s with two different meanings, one a collective term used in the U.S. for various electronic music styles, and the other a reference to the new beat sound: a particular electronic music genre that flourished in Western Europe during the mid-1980s. New beat is also used as a reference to the wider Belgian underground music scene and subculture during the 1980s.

Birth: 1985 Bloom: 1988 Death: 1992

New beat emerged in the mid-80s as a slow-paced subgenre of acid house. The style was influenced by Detroit techno and EBM. New beat music mostly was released by labels like R&S and Antler-Subway. The most famous track of this genre is «I Sit On Acid» by Lords of Acid. Also, new beat was represented by The KLF in the early 1990s, but when the band left musical industry the style quickly disappeared. Lords of Acid and Antler-Subway began to parody new beat, whereas R&S began to record trance and ambient techno releases.

Umbrellate style: Techno

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New Beat tracks and remixes

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New Beat
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New Beat
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New Beat

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