Minimal Techno

Minimal techno is a minimalist sub-genre of techno. It is characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the use of repetition, and understated development.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1995

Sometimes, minimal techno music is described as music made from waste production. The genre uses glitches and musical artifacts as means of expression. Minimal techno is related to ambient (ambient techno), Detroit techno, tech house, and glitch.

By the second half of 2006, the term «minimal» had in many ways become contradictory, as it serves as a denominator for the tech house sounds of the moment, many of which should rather be coined as «maximal» in terms of their sonic content, in contrast to the original stripped down, i.e. minimalist electronic genre.

Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) is one of the founders of the style. Minimal techno is also represented by Mika Vainio (aka Pan Sonic), Theorem, Sutekh, and the Russian project SCSI-9 that includes Антон Кубиков (Anton Kubikov) and Максим Милютенко (Maksim Miljutenko).

Minimal techno labels include M_nus (Canada), Sähkö Recordings (Finland), Minimise (Ireland), and Background Records (Germany).

Umbrellate style: Techno

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Minimal Techno mixes

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Minimal Techno, Dark Progressive
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Minimal Techno, Techno
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Minimal Techno
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Minimal Techno
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Minimal Techno, Tech House
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