Euro Techno

Euro techno is funny and naive style of the `90s music, which got its name by an accident. Euro techno has nothing to do with techno. Euro techno is an eurodance`s proximate successor, but euro techno is more energetic, as opposed to eurodance.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1997 Death: 1999

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Euro Techno

In the early 90s, techno was extremely popular; it combined elements of house, hip-hop, synthpop, and Hi-NRG. Typical euro techno compositions have powerful dancing groove, Miami bass rhythms, female vocals, and synths.

Euro techno is considered as music for everyone. The style is represented by artists such as Snap, Dr. Alban, E-Type, 2Unlimited, Masterboy, Health Hunter. In Russia euro techno was played by Кар-Мэн (Kar-Mjen) and Русский Размер (Russkij Razmer).

Umbrellate style: Techno

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Euro Techno tracks and remixes

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Euro Techno, Hard House
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Euro Techno, Funky Techno
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Euro Techno

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