Funky Techno

Funky techno is a crossover genre of electronic music. The term «funky techno» is more popular than funky techno music. Nevertheless, it`s a subgenre of techno music typified by mechanic funky groove with percussion and short acoustic samples.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1998

Funky techno emerged due to techno musicians, who wanted to keep up with their house colleagues. For example, the emergence of deep house provoked the emergence of deep techno; the same was with funky house and funky techno. However, funky techno music completely can be attributed to tech house – it`s tight dance electronics mixing mechanic rhythms with live instruments (vocals, piano, guitar).

Funky techno is hard music but without any aggression. Funky techno isn`t fully developed because of the lack of characteristic features, labels and compilations. The history of the style is quite mosaic: when famous techno musicians decide to create something new and fun – as the result they get a funky techno track. Carl Cox was the one who managed to represent the style completely.

Producers of funky techno include Deetron, Renato Cohen, Hertz, Dave Clark, Ben Sims, Morgan Page, Len Faki, Wehbba, and many others.

Umbrellate style: Techno

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Funky Techno
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