Deep Techno

Deep techno is a style of techno music that`s typified by deep sound and the lack of aggression. But rhythmic and melodic patterns don`t differ from classic techno: steady techno beat with synth techno samples.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2007

Deep techno tracks sometimes have a song form - verse and chorus, as opposed to other techno genres. Vocals are usually high-pitched and emotional. The most notable representative of this style is Swayzak.

Nowadays, many popular producers use deep techno elements mixing them with dub techno, glitch, and ambient. Today deep techno is represented by Aril Brikha, Delta Funktionen, Shed, Petar Dundov, Mathew Jonson, Lawrence, Kollektiv Turmstrasse.

In Russia deep techno is popular as well as other styles due to the Moscow label Pro-Tez and its owners – Антон Кубиков (Anton Kubikov aka SCSI-9) and Эд Вертов (Jed Vertov). Besides, Антон Кубиков took a part in the creation of the cult radio station RTS.FM, where deep techno, ambient, and dub techno are the most popular styles.

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Deep Techno, Progressive House
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Deep Techno, Afro House
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Deep Techno, Techno
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Deep Techno
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Deep Techno

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