Yorkshire Bleeps and Bass

Yorkshire Bleeps and Bass or Yorkshire Techno is a rather clumsy term for a musical genre that emerged in the mid-90s in the UK. It`s one of musical treatments for techno, breakbeat, and jungle, but Yorkshire bleeps and bass has its own subtle characteristic features.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1993 Death: 1995

Yorkshire bleeps and bass was a short-lived and very localized musical movement centred on the northern English cities of Bradford & Leeds in West Yorkshire and Sheffield in South Yorkshire in 1989-1991. The sound was characterized by harsh, funky minimalism, speaker-breaking sub-bass and electronic bleeps or other futuristic sounds.

The first record of the genre was probably «The Theme» by Bradford Unique in 1989, although Leeds outfit LFO`s «LFO» was being played on white label at the Warehouse in Leeds for several months before being released on Sheffield`s Warp Records in 1990. The label went on to release the club anthem «Testone» by Sweet Exorcist, which was recorded with the help of Richard Kirk of Sheffield avant-garde experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire.

Umbrellate style: Techno

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