The original Schranz sound is a harder, uptempo (about 150 BPM) techno style inspired by Detroit techno with reduced melodic elements. Schranz often features just single synth stabs or atmospheric sweeps with a major emphasis on percussion. The main characteristic features of this style are heavily compressed and filtered loops, combined with Roland 909 kick drums, snares, and high hats with various forms of distortion applied.

Birth: 1999 Bloom: 2001 Death: 2007

To this day, speculation remains about the meaning of the word Schranz within the techno scene. Many believe it to simply imitate the sound of a crunchy low fidelity (lo-fi) percussion loop. For example, schranzen means to eat loudly and voraciously in German (and Dutch) slang and it is also a surname found predominantly in Austria. Meaningful speculations indicate that it was meant as a contraction of the two German nouns Schrei (scream) and Tanz (dance), i.e., Schr-anz.

The biggest part of schranz compositions consists of bootlegs (unofficial remixes on popular songs). Moreover, these remixes can be made on compositions of any genres like classical music, pop, rock, folk or something else – remixed songs will be accelerated, looped and distorted.

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Umbrellate style: Techno

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