Abstract Hip-Hop

Abstract hip-hop is a sub genre of hip-hop, the most exemplary one. It is a kind of alternative music, where the sound isn`t so important as the conception of albums released with the help of unusual quotations and samples. 

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 1998

Abstract hip-hop is concerned with more serious topics than gangsta or hardcore rap. The lyrics can be different — from philosophic thoughts to social problems.

Abstract hip-hop music is very various. It can consists even of jazz samples in combination with noise effects. Some artists overdub their recitative on IDM. That is why abstract hip-hop is considered to be experimental and intellectual music.

In America a real revolution in this style was made by the Anticon label, which was established by the group of confederates in 1998. Their sound and brave ideas made a bomb effect, the waves of which were so huge that even stars of commercial R&B admit their love to Why?, Buck 65, Tobacco or Sixtoo.

Abstract hip hop is a quite developed movement in Russian music underground. Artists of this style are uncountable. Nevertheless, among them attention should be paid to РЖБ (RZHB), СПБЧ Оркестр (SPBCh Orkestr), 2H Company, Ёлочные игрушки (Jolochnye igrushki).

Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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Abstract Hip-Hop tracks and remixes

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Abstract Hip-Hop
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Abstract Hip-Hop, Acoustic
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Abstract Hip-Hop, Trap

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