Future Bass

Future Bass should be considered a broad term, incorporating new trends in bass music, rather than the regular style. The common elements of Future Bass are currently being developed by producers, who experiment in the stylistic field of abstract hip-hop, downtempo, trap, glitch hop and so on. The other side of this phenomenon comprises young independent neo-soul and rhythm and blues artists in the quest of going beyond the cliché sound with their creative output.

Birth: 2012 Bloom: 2014

Future Bass or Future Beats (simply Beats occasionally) is a pure web trend, which shaped its form to some extent only a few years ago. Unlike many other subgenres or even crossover genres, Future Bass has neither a specific originator, nor a clear time of occurrence. Australian Flume is arguably the most popular Future Bass producer today while his devoted ally Chet Faker claims the title of the most popular artist within the scene. With both Flume and Faker counting in for its roster, Sydney-based Future Classic proves to be the backbone label for the whole scene.

The resounding success of Future Classic roster is barely the first precedent for this kind of music because the history of Future Bass phenomenon has much deeper roots. Future Bass closely relates to the evolution of neo-soul, one of the most progressive styles during the last five years. Most sound innovations and fresh ideas, not appropriated by radio-friendly soul singles have been developed and maintained in the Future Bass niche. Throw in some trap wave artists: first focused on deep wobbling low frequencies, but eventually evolving quite a lyrical sound (sometimes labeled as chill trap). Then don’t forget to add new blue-eyed soul ambassadors like James Blake, who actively exploit electronics in their creative processes, to the mixture as well. Thus we split Future Bass into its constituents diachronically.

Today this trend boasts some recognizable heroes, so you can easily get the idea of Future Bass sound by listening to their music. Recommended listening includes ODESZA, Ta-Ku, Louis Futon, Kaytranada, Lido, Troyboi.

Also read: R&B, Glitch, Abstract Hip-Hop, Chillstep, Trap, Neo-Soul

Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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