Dirty Rap

Dirty rap is a sub genre of hip-hop dedicated to sex themes. Such music is also called porno rap or sex rap; it contains lyrical content revolving mainly around sexually suggestive subjects. The lyrics are overtly explicit and graphic, often to the point of either cartoonishness or extreme offensiveness.

The group 2 Live Crew that was one of leaders in heavy Miami bass is considered to be the founder of this style. That`s why dirty rap is based on their bass style. Besides, dirty rap was influenced by Baltimore, ghetto house or ghettotech.

Mostly dirty rap compositions are created for parties and public entertaining, but they rarely consist of something interesting in terms of music or lyrics. Most of porn rap songs have been used as soundtracks to pornographic movies in the 2000`s, replacing the traditional porn groove. That period is considered to be the heyday of this style. Although the first truly popular porno-rap hit was released by Sir Mix-A-Lot. In 1992 he released his famous single «Baby Got Back».

Hip-hop experts say that there is an intermediate form between hip-hop and dirty rap — contemporary dirty rap. Sometimes first-rated stars perform in this style. Among those, who like singing about their personals, attention should be paid to 50 cent, Lil` Kim, Missy Elliot, and Lil` Wayne.

Many modern indie-artists such as Spank Rock, Bonde Do Role, Amanda Blank, and Yo Majesty created their own non-commercial version of dirty rap that absorbed elements of electro funk and modern ghettotech originated in Baltimore. The Spin magazine dedicated the whole article to this phenomenon and called it «electro-smut».

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