Southern Rap

Southern rap is considered a third major American hip hop genre, after East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop. It emerged in the 90s in Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta. In the late 80s Southern rap was associated mostly with Miami bass and known also as booty rap due to fiery rhythms and lyrics dominance.

Birth: 1989 Bloom: 1991

The leading artists of this style are Luther Campbell`s 2 Live Crew, who increased sex themes in lyrics to the maximum that caused a number of protests from guardians of censorship all around the country.

The Miami bass sound spread over the South USA and became the main dance rhythm in the 90s. The most popular artists of this style were Tag Team, 95 South, The 69 Boys, Quad City DJ`s, and Freak Nasty. They recorded a lot of hit singles (with more indecent lyrics than Campbell`s). The intellectual band Arrested Development was the first to have a great success on the national music scene in the 1992. After some years, their success was repeated by Organized Noize, Outcast, and Goodie Mob.

Atlanta became the art center of Southern rap, while New Orleans was the commercial center. Master P built the profitable empire with the help of record label company No Limit. The majority of albums recorded by this label can be attributed to West Coast G-funk or Wu-Tang-style hardcore. The No Limit record label released albums with the productivity of factory production line and became the permanent member of the late `90s national albums charts.

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