Diss (short for disrespect) – is a rap genre, the main idea of which is to show disrespect in lyrics to another rapper.

Birth: 1988 Bloom: 1993

Diss is mainly used in beefs (the feud between hip-hop representatives). Diss is saturated with obscene lyrics, insults enemies with threats. Sometimes disses go in pairs — «a diss and a retaliatory diss», often it can be even a chain of disses.

In the history of rap the most famous diss was made by Tupac Shakur «Hit `Em Up» with an official video. The most famous Russian diss belongs to Лигалайз (Ligalajz), who made it to Шеff (Sheff), and another famous diss was the retaliatory one by Шеff (Sheff). Usually, diss is a byproduct of hot competition between two or more rap artists. In some cases, diss song can be a parody of another song.

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Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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