Trap is a young and actively growing style of electronic music emerged by the influence of hip-hop, crunk, house, dub, and hardstyle music. The style appeared in hip hop culture in the southern US. It`s typified by aggressive obscene lyrical content and cutting sound.

Birth: 2010 Bloom: 2012

The first artists of this style — DJ Paul and Juice J from Three 6 Mafia. Their ideas were successfully picked up by Shawy Redd, Fatboi, DJ Toomp, Zaytoven, and Drumma Boy. By the mid and late 00s the new generation of trap artists became powerful and popular: Lex Luger, Mike WiLL, Made It, Southside, Sonny Digital, Lil Lody, Drumma Drama, and Young Chop. The new wave of the popularity provoked big sound changes. Today, trap borrows structure elements from electro, glitch, breakbeat, and dubstep.

Musically, trap compositions are usually minimalistic and based on dark high-pitch melodies, simple vocals, and biting snares and hats, the tonality of which changes during a track. The tempo typically lies in the 128 BPM to 178 BPM range. 

The style gained mainstream success in 2012 due to musicians such as Chester Grooves, JWLS, Blitz Gang, Party Favor, Luminox, Baauer, Flosstradamus, ETC!ETC!, and DJ Marley Waters.

Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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Trap, Moombahton
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Trap, Hip-hop/Rap
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Trap, Russian Pop
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