Crunk is a style of southern rap music with repeating phrases and fast dance rhythms.

Birth: 1998 Bloom: 2007

The word «crunk» began to be used by Lil Jon, The East Side Boys, and Outcast in the 90s. Recently, the word «crunk» as a noun was added in the Merrian-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

Crunk is a quite specific form of hip-hop originated in the southern states of America — in Georgia and Tennessee. Generally, crunk tracks can be attributed to Dirty South hip-hop or to southern rap, but not any southern rap can be attributed to crunk. 

Unlike East Coast Hip-hop crunk music contains of mixed repeating melodies and drum machine rhythms, which are generated by the most popular drum machine Roland TR-808. A recitative part is usually built with the emphasis on the first and third beat, this way it sounds better in clubs. 

Lil` Jon & the East Side Boyz are considered to be crunk kings. Lil` Scrappy is a crunk prince, when Chyna Whyte is said to be a crunk Queen. But it was Lil` Jon who made the term «crunk» popular with his albums «Kings of Krunk» and «Crunk Juice». 

In the world of hip-hop, some musicians criticize crunk artists for their dimwitted lyrics, same beats in all songs, and for extremely similarity of tracks. But others agree that lyrics are truly lame, but in general crunk music is quite suitable for clubs. Nevertheless, crunk is firmly entrenched in the hip-hop style and it`s considered as one of hip-hop movements without drawbacks in new albums and singles.

According to one version, the origination of the term «crunk» is quite simple: it is a fusion of two words — Crazy and drUNK, which are used to describe alcoholic or drug intoxication. Another version guesses that it is the modified word «crank», so it is tricky-catchy music created to appeal everyone. 

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