Turntablism is a sub genre of hip-hop, whose artists are called turntablists. The word turntablist was coined in 1995 by DJ Babu to describe the difference between a DJ who just plays records and one who performs by touching and moving the records, stylus and mixer to manipulate sound.

Birth: 1989 Bloom: 1996

Turntablists are DJs who play records with scratching or beat jugglish. The basis of this style consists of improvisation. DJ Grand Mixer DXT is considered as a creator of this style.

Modern artists and stars of this style include Roc Raida, Q-Bert, C2C, Noisy Stylus, D-Styles, X-Ecutioners, Birdy Nam Nam, and Kid Koala. Old school is represented by DJ Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa.

Turntablism has been developing alongside hip-hop, as the result its scene was enriched by new names — DJ Shadow and DJ Spooky. Moreover, DJ Spooky`s albums proved that a good turntablist can improvise with classical or jazz music. Cut Chemist, DJ Nu-Mark and Mixmaster Mike (cooperated with Beastie Boys in their release «Hello Nasty» in 1998) are said to be virtuosos of turntablism. 

Only the best DJs get a chance to perform on stage or release a CD. For many of them it is the first step on the road to fame.

Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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