Freestyle is a form of dance-pop or electronic dance music that based on primitive synth beats similar to electro or earliest house, but with the usage of romantic themes like in classic R&B or disco.

Birth: 1988 Bloom: 1992 Death: 1995

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Freestyle emerged in the United States in the mid-1980s.

The fusion of mechanic music with sensitive lyrics was the key to success, that`s why hits by Shannon and Lisa Lisa had leading positions in Top40 around 1984-85. Freestyle perfectly shared attributes with dance pop music in its prime during the mid-80s — composer and DJ John Benitez (aka Jellybean), who created a number of remixes on Madonna, also contributed to the development of freestyle. By the end of the 80s pop and R&B charts had greeted a lot of new musicians like Brenda K.Starr, Trinere, Cover Girls, India, and Stevie B.

Even when freestyle went out of fashion in the late 80s, it moved to the underground as a leading movement in modern dance music alongside house, techno, and bass music. New artists such as Lil Suzy, George Lamond, Angelique, Johnny O and others became big stars in the freestyle culture.

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Umbrellate style: Hip-hop/Rap

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Freestyle mixes

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Freestyle, Russian Pop
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Freestyle, Electronic Body Music
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Freestyle, Breaks
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Freestyle, House

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