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Dutch House

Dutch house is a style of electronic music originated in the Netherlands due to local musicians` experiments with techno music. As a music genre, it`s typified by a powerful kick with uneven rhythmic patterns and the usage of drums fills instead of bass line.

Birth: 2008 Bloom: 2009

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Dutch House

Earlier Dutch house was played mostly in underground Holland clubs, that`s why for a long time Dutch house was popular with small group of listeners. Only in 2009 the style became generally known and popular. 

Dutch house was greatly influenced by a number of styles such as acid house, hardcore, and fidget that made house sound dirtier. That`s why Dutch house is often nicknamed Dirty Dutch House. Drums came in Dutch house from tribal house. A tempo can be varied from 124 to 134 BPM.

Dutch house is based on the classic sound techno architecture (kick, hi-hats, snaredrum). Often Dutch house has unusual, experimental and modified melodies with the usage of distorted and atonal sounds or samples. The style is often characterized as abstract due to a number of samples/sounds or bells/whistles. 

The notable representatives of this style: Deorro, J-Trick, Reece Low, Bart B More, Asino, Afrojack, Chuckie, Ralvero, Revero, Funk D, Apster, Sindey Samson, Bassjackets, Laidback Luke, Mumbai Science, Angger Dimas, and many others.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Dutch House mixes

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Dutch House, Club House
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Dutch House, Bass House
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Dutch House, Hip-hop/Rap
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Dutch House tracks and remixes

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Dutch House
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Dutch House, Big Room House
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Dutch House

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