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Soulful House

Soulful is a subgenre of house music. It`s light pleasant music absorbed elements of gospel, soul, and jazz. Soulful is close to deep house, but differs by its song form (verse-chorus), long saxophone, piano, or flute solos.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1998

Often the term deep house is used alongside the term soulful, often musicians call soulful jazzy or funky, and sometimes even lounge. It can be explained by a number of live instruments (piano, guitar, saxophone, brass, etc), improvisations in soulful music that`s completely untypical for club house music.

Soulful house can be divided into two types. On the one hand, it`s calm, melodic music with a tempo 118-123 BPM, it`s created for calm conversations, but not for dance floors; it`s music for summer evenings, a soundtrack for fashion shops, or for cozy cafes; this music is more suitable for a soul than for a body. On the other hand, this music can be associated with cheerful dancing due to a faster tempo (126-128 BPM). The best definition for soulful house music was coined by Ricardo Torres: «dance music for adults». It`s believed that the word «soul» can define the mood and idea of this music.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Soulful House mixes

1 452 69:28 24 342 PR 30,1 ▲
Soulful House, Disco House
504 162:48 7 738 PR 28,2 ▲
Soulful House, Organic House
640 68:10 22 163 PR 17,4 ▲
Soulful House, Downtempo
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Soulful House tracks and remixes

398 4:59 22 68 PR 11,8 ▲
Soulful House, Lounge
113 4:39 7 21 PR 4,4 ▲
Soulful House, Deep House
183 3:27   76 PR 3,9 ▲
Soulful House

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