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Disco House

Disco house is a combination of classical disco with funk and the late `90s house. Disco house is a branch of retro fashion that was formed as an independent music style due to expressive features.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2001

The popularity of disco house at the turn of centuries was an exceptional case when stylish and non-commercial dance music topped all pop-charts and united musical aesthetics and unpretentious philistines as its fans.

The key role in the formation of the style was played by the French electronic duo Daft Punk. They managed to create new futuristic sound based on classic Italo disco, electro and funk melodies. France enriched the scene by a great number of artists, that`s why the style is often called «French touch» and the more electronic version of it — «French house».

Examples of French touch acts include Galleon, Superman Lovers, Modjo, Cassius, Stardust, earliest Bob Sinclar, and Dimitri from Paris. These artists were first who used so many filters, ragged sampled strings, short melodies with reverb; they revived a fashion for processed through a vocoder vocals, old drum machines, and funky «wah-wah» guitar.

Disco house for some time was one of the leading global styles; its characteristic sound was copied by many famous artists. In 2001 Jamiroquai moved from live music to club rhythms and recorded the album «A Funk Odyssey» in disco house. Another bright example of disco house is the main Moloko`s hit «Sing it Back». 

In the USA and Europe a lot of talented house artists was inspired by disco house, each of them promoted the style as much as possible. Italians Planet Funk, Americans Milk & Sugar, Armand van Helden, Junior Jack, Tonka, and Britons Shakedown, Switch, Chris Lake, and many others.

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Disco House mixes

1 791 60:12 2 765 PR 31,7 ▲
Disco House, Russian Pop
743 60:41 1 493 PR 16,3 ▲
Disco House, Club House
634 49:07 10 134 PR 13,5 ▲
Disco House, Soulful House
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Disco House tracks and remixes

1 588 3:21 47 263 PR 55,9 ▲
Disco House, Vocal House
3 309 3:46 22 492 PR 30,8 ▲
Disco House, Russian Pop
2 170 5:48   621 PR 26,9 ▲
Disco House, Club House

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