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Melbourne Bounce

Melbourne Bounce is a relatively new and dynamically evolving genre. Based on local Dutch house stylings, it came into sight in 2009 in the Netherlands, though gaining extreme popularity in Australia’s second most populous city, thereby Melbourne lent its name to the newborn genre of dance music.

Birth: 2009 Bloom: 2013

Despite its name, Melbourne Bounce has little to do with so-called ‘melbourne shuffle’ – the latter being described not as a genre of its own, but rather as a youth dance movement. Just as in the case of French ‘tecktonik’ dance movement, that didn’t deal with electro house exclusively in the late 00’s.

Melbourne Bounce is heavily influenced by Dutch House edgy melodies and sound elements of hard style. An aggressive bass line over a steady beat lays down its compositional framework while piercing leads in the vein of dirty Dutch House top the mixture. Another important feature of Melbourne House is the implication of legato techniques.

Melbourne Bounce rose to the global fame in the first half of 2014 with the help of ‘Ode to Oi’, a track by American DJ and producer TJR was an instant hit all over the world and finally established Melbourne Bounce as an independent genre.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Melbourne Bounce tracks and remixes

242 2:55 15 35 PR 7,4 ▲
Melbourne Bounce
123 3:03 12 41 PR 6,5 ▲
Melbourne Bounce
384 2:27 3 112 PR 5,4 ▲
Melbourne Bounce, Pop

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