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G-House (Gangsta house) — is a quite new style of house music. The defining characteristics of the sound are the combinations of old school hip-hop samples with contemporary dance rhythms, a characteristic powerful sound of bass line, pitch-down vocals, and short melodies. G-House sound is rather different from hip house that was popular in the early 90s.

Birth: 2012 Bloom: 2013

As it often happens, the term was coined as a joke, but became widely popular with dance producers and dance music press. The idea of the term G-House belongs to the duo from Marseilles Amine Edge & DANCE, who were almost the first who sampled hardcore rap like Mobb Deep or NWA and mixed it with club house. Their sound turned out to be extremely popular all around the world and after some time Amine Edge had a number of followers, each of them tried to enrich the style by new ideas and sound.

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G-House mixes

840 125:01 28 206 PR 45,5 ▲
G-House, Ghetto House
2 030 75:40 8 802 PR 33 ▲
G-House, Club House
1 157 58:18 6 323 PR 16,8 ▲
G-House, Tech House
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G-House tracks and remixes

10 099 3:19 9 1 668 PR 76,9 ▲
G-House, Vocal House
755 4:25   96 PR 35,7 ▲
G-House, Vocal House
857 3:38 2 1 093 PR 33,6 ▲
G-House, Bass House

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