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Future House

Future House is a new collective term within house music plethora, which unifies and successfully exploits all the well-tried techniques of commercial house over the last 20 years.

Birth: 2013 Bloom: 2014

There is a strong disagreement over the status of the founder, the main ideologue and the true pioneer of future house. Many grant this title to a French DJ and producer Tchami, who started using ‘future house’ hashtag for his tracks as early as the beginning of 2013, though the more popular rival thanks to this trend is a young Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens. After Heldens had already topped the charts around the globe with his single ‘Gecko’, Tchami asserted that the Dutch was a copycat of his sound and this claim resulted in a long lasting argument over Twitter.

For our money, these debates do not make much sense. Should Tchami be the first to develop the distinctive future house sound, he still can’t be named its creator. Basically, future house itself can’t be labeled as a genuine style - it is likely to be an all-around variation of regular club house upgraded for the 2014-2015 season. Upon a careful listen to all those future house labeled compositions you would easily dissect the elements of British bass house, electro house from the early 00s, piano riffs from classiс garage and vocals from diva house of the 90s.

DJs should hardly keep to the opinion that future house is the symbiosis of deep house and EDM, which is propelled by producer Laidback Luke. This is the reasoning of a merchandiser, who spreads new trends on the shop-window. No wonder that from such angle future house is certainly seen as another example of successful revision and conversion of elder dance mainstream ideas for re-sale to youths.

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Future House, Melodic Techno
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Future House, Rave
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Future House, Bass House
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Future House, Club House
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Future House
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Future House, House

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