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Tech House

Tech house is a subgenre of house music that mixes elements of techno with house music.

Birth: 2000 Bloom: 2008

The style emerged in the early 90s from mixes. English DJs such as Mr.C, Eddie Richards, and Terry Francis combined traditional house structure with dub-versions of garage track and hard variations of Detroit techno. After some time, people attending London parties Subterrain and Wiggle began to produce music that played in sets by aforementioned DJs. Tech house music is characterized by rare percussion grooves, spatial sounds, and deep bass lines.

The style became extremely popular due to the Plastic City label, especially its artists The Timewriter or Terry Lee Brown Jr. They enriched the style by deeper sound. Nowadays, tech house became a wide, umbrella term that defines music that is somewhere between techno and house. Almost any cheerful dance track with live percussion or vocals, and a deep rhythm, can be attributed to the tech house style. Tech house has already stopped being a style, now it`s a place where two big music elements as techno and house can meet and permeate each other.

Umbrellate style: House

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Tech House mixes

3 861 123:48 8 1 566 PR 74,6 ▲
Tech House, Disco House
7 157 60:01 42 1 179 PR 70 ▲
Tech House, Club House
3 856 60:01 32 718 PR 63,8 ▲
Tech House, Club House
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9 096 2:35 11 2 740 PR 141 ▲
Tech House, House
11 604 2:48 5 3 192 PR 139 ▲
Tech House, Russian Pop
2 736 3:19 65 659 PR 99 ▲
Tech House

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