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Progressive House

Progressive house is a sub-genre of house music. The style emerged in Great Britain in the early 1990s. It is created for the expression of musical progression through melodies and bass lines.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1994

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Progressive House

The term «progressive house» firstly was used in 1992 by Dom Phillips, who was an editor in chief of the English magazine Mixmag. The term was used for the definition of music that was played by English DJ Sasha — a fusion of American house with Italian music. The first tracks in the progressive house style were represented by Gat Decor «Passion», Leftfield «Not forgotten» and «Song of life», React 2 Rhythm «Intoxication». Moreover, labels like Guerilla, Limbo, Stress, and Jackpot began to specialize in progressive house music. Almost everything that was released in the mid-90s can be considered as classic progressive house.

Progressive house had already been at its peak of popularity twice. The first was in the mid-90s when catchy dance music was played in English clubs like «Drum club» or «Renaissance», and one of the most popular DJ was DJ Sasha. Gradually progressive house has been gaining popularity becoming lighter and simpler. Progressive trance, where the main emphasis was made on lyrics and melodies, derived from the aforementioned form of progressive house. The second wave of progressive house`s popularity was in the early 00s when progressive house turned out to be dark music with the accent on rhythm and sound. The leading artist of the style is John Digweed and his label Bedrock records


If you want to understand progressive house, you should listen to Sasha & John Digweed «Renaissance: the mix collection» that was released in 1994 and became an absolute bestseller (in 2004 this compilation was rereleased). Also, you can listen to some CD from the series «Global Underground» or «Balance», or the production of the Bedrock records label.

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Progressive House
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Progressive House
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Progressive House
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