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Big Room House

Big room house is a type of electronic music, emerged in the early 2010s and began to develop, particularly gaining popularity through electronic dance music-oriented events and festivals.The term appeared after the wave of unbelievable popularity of commercial electronic dance music in the USA and its revival in Europe. Musical characteristics of big room house are quite blurred.

Birth: 2010 Bloom: 2011

Big room house is the music that unites thousands of people. Of course, big room house music has characteristic sound, but it`s impossible to divide that sound into stylistic ingredients. Big room house music consists of epic, but simple melodies with saturated (but plastic) synth sound; it`s lyrical melodic trance and primitive eurodance, hard electro, effects and catchy choruses.

Commercial radio broadcasts are full of this music. It`s believed that the famous project Swedish House Mafia was an impetus to the development of big room house. Now their ideas are being developed by the young and popular producer Avicii. On the other hand, the music of the Toolroom label, David Guetta with Afrojach, and Nicky Romero also can be attributed to the big room house style. So, it`s easier to say that all artists of dance mainstream in 2011 play big room house.

Umbrellate style: House

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Big Room House mixes

123 97:10 21 38 PR 27,8 ▲
Big Room House, Progressive House
158 106:35   39 PR 23,1 ▲
Big Room House, Progressive House
170 56:43   287 PR 11,1 ▲
Big Room House, Progressive House
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Big Room House tracks and remixes

486 4:00 10 185 PR 28,3 ▲
Big Room House, Progressive House
440 4:10 7 165 PR 25,3 ▲
Big Room House, Electro House
647 3:49 2 376 PR 18,1 ▲
Big Room House, Latin House

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