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Dancecore is one of the most popular and commercially successful genre of electronic dance music. Dancecore, also known as Hands Up, is typified by catchy melodies and the ability to wind up people on dance floors that is why it is called so.

Birth: 2001 Bloom: 2006

Dancecore emerged in the early 00s as the fusion of that time popular eurodance with hardstyle influenced by happy hardcore. Artists such as Mark `Oh, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo / Starsplash are considered to be forefathers of this style.

It`s difficult to define stylistic features of this style: dancecore, as the fusion of eurodance with hardstyle and happy hardcore, has a faster tempo than happy hardcore, usually it`s 140-145 BPM; but there are tracks with a tempo 138 BPM (Rick Maniac — Banana boat song (Pulsedriver rmx)) or more than 145 BPM (Tune Up! — Ravers Fantasy). Dancecore borrowed sone features of eurodance like melodies with female vocals. Its tracks also have similar to happy hardcore structure: «verse — chorus — melody». Lyrics usually have the common idea like «we are young, let`s entertain and don`t think about anything».

In the early 00s many artists of this style became extremely successful such as Rocco, Master Blaster, Groove Coverage, DJ Dean. Nowadays, it`s hard to find dancecore in charts because of the prevalence of Afro-American music, pop and rock music. But there are some exceptions: Cascada`s track «Everytime we touch» got ninth position in 2006. However, dancecore is still a bestseller in the global market of electronic music, especially in Europe. That`s why dancecore is not an underground genre of club music.

Umbrellate style: House

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Dancecore mixes

702 66:57 6 261 PR 15,7 ▲
Dancecore, Eurodance
764 79:32 4 385 PR 15,6 ▲
Dancecore, Trance
719 82:01 9 393 PR 13,7 ▲
Dancecore, JumpStyle
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Dancecore tracks and remixes

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Dancecore, Eurodance
208 2:25 1 451 PR 11,3 ▲
Dancecore, Dancecore
806 3:00 2 128 PR 6 ▲
Dancecore, Eurodance

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