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French Electro

French electro is a style of dance music that combines elements of techno, glitch, disco, 8-bit, and electro punk. Similar music was created by French producers and DJs in the early 00s. French electro became globally popular due to the success of Daft Punk and Justice.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2008

French electro is not so light as French house, it`s typified by distorted sounds, deep bass and leads (similar to disco). French electro compositions mostly have a steady beat in 4/4 with a tempo 110-130 BPM.

It`s believed that the song «Rolling & Scratchin`» by French band Daft Punk was an initial element of French electro, it was recorded in 1997, but at that time it didn`t became popular with contemporaries. Only in 2001-2004 groups such as SebastiAn, Mr.Oizo, Teenage Bad Girl, Boys Noize, Justice, and many others began to develop this style. French electro found moderate mainstream popularity in 2007-2008 when all world was swept over by the wave of new rave — eclectic and expressive electronics absorbed the energetics of rock music. The special contribution to the development and popularization of this style was made by the team from the Ed Banger label headed by Busy P. He made Daft Punk superstars when he convinced them to make sound more stadium and harder, as well as he made the duo Justice popular that`s now the most bright representative of this style.

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