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Left-field House

Left-field house is one of house music sub-genres. The characteristic feature is ignoring one of the main themes of traditional house — tracks without 4/4 structure, percussion, or an emphasis on a beat.

The style doesn`t have a definite sound that could characterize left-field house. The sound can be abstract and dirty like music by Theo Parrish typified by low BPM and strange samples from complex jazz. Or it can be very electric like music of Basement Jaxx that in the UK is often called as hooligan house for brave ideas and extension beyond the scope of the genre.

Left-field house is partly derived from house or rhythm and blues; the sound is influenced by Italo disco (like duo Metro Area). The style itself can be experimental and contemporary, like Herbert, whose concepts and methodology often overshadows his achievements (he experiments with domestic sounds of cooking battery and human biological functions). 

If you are music lover, who likes dance music and if you are always looking for new sound forms, you should listen to left-field house. Probably, the great number of your favorite tracks can be attributed to this term.

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Left-field House, Electro
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Left-field House, Electro
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